What is automatic bidding on eBay?

When it comes to auctions, the highest bid wins. That’s nothing new. New is only the frustration you feel when someone outbid you at the last minute. If you are tired of losing an item you really want because you didn’t bid enough, eBay has a solution for you. It is called Proxy bidding also known as automatic bidding.

Automatic Bidding

It is an automatic bidding system that makes auctions on eBay less time consuming for buyers. Just enter the highest price you want to pay and the eBay proxy bid system will keep you in lead up to that limit. An important rule is to know how much you want to pay before you place your proxy bid.


How Automatic Bidding Works

Place a bid on the item you want to buy, and enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay. For example, if the price of the item is $10 but you can get up to $30, you put a bid of $30 on the item. Don’t worry, nobody knows your maximum bid amount. After that, eBay´s engine will place bids on your behalf starting with the next possible bid increment for the auction. Bid increments are smaller when the bid price is low, and larger in higher prices. See the eBay schedule below.

How Automatic Bidding Works

Note: If there are no other bidders and the seller has not entered a reserve price, your bid shown as the minimum auction bid until someone outbids you.

If you are outbid immediately after placing a bid, there is a huge probability that another buyer is using automated bidding. Now the question is if he has set a higher maximum limit than yours.


How to stop automatic bidding on eBay

You can’t. Automatic bidding is the essence of eBay’s bidding system. It isn’t a separate feature that you can turn on and off. You shouldn’t be afraid of. There is absolutely nothing wrong with automated bidding on eBay that should make anyone want to turn it off.


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