Projector vs Beamer: What Is The Difference?

Simple Answer: There is no difference between a projector and a beamer. The word Beamer is used in some European countries and has the same meaning as the Projector.

Projectors are increasing in popularity and they are widely used in businesses, classrooms, and homes.

Reasonable price, low maintenance, and high-resolution picture quality. Just a few reasons why many modern home theaters are equipped with projectors.

Although multimedia projectors have the same purpose around the world, there are countries where they used another name for a projector. 


What Is A Projector

A projector is a device that uses a lens and lamp to create an image onto a large screen. It´s a compact, high-resolution, full-color machine capable of projecting video, images, text, and audio content.

Projectors feature several inputs for laptop, PC, DVD player, VCR, CD player, and storage device. They can be connected to some of these devices either through a wire (HDMI cable, VGA, etc) or wirelessly via Bluetooth or third-party devices such as Miracast.

They are mostly used in classrooms, offices for presentations, and as a part of the modern home entertainment setup.


What Is A Beamer

Beamer is a device that can project an image through a lens onto a screen with light from a laptop, PC, DVD player, television, or video recorder. It´s just another name for a projector. The term Beamer is a word used in some European countries and has the same meaning as the word Projector in the USA.


What Is The Difference: Projector vs Beamer?

As you already know, there is absolutely no difference between a beamer and a projector. These are just different names for the same device. Although there is a wide range of projectors that differ by purpose, functions, and capabilities, the term “Beamer” still means “Projector“.


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Main photo by Alex Andrews