What Is WhatsApp Last Seen And How To Turn It Off


  • WhatsApp lets your contacts know when you are online.
  • It is a “last seen” status, and it refers to the last time you used WhatsApp.
  • Luckily, there is a way how to turn it off. 


Messaging service WhatsApp has a lot to offer; easy to use, intuitive, and free when you use Wi-fi. Just a few reasons why 2 billion users love it.

But there is one annoying feature. At least for us. It is a “last seen” status. Thanks to this feature other people in the chat can see when you last checked WhatsApp.

So, what exactly does WhatsApp last seen mean, and how can you turn it off.

What does last seen mean?

According to WhatsApp ‘last seen’ refers to the last time the contact used WhatsApp. In simple words, this feature allows other people who have your phone numbers to see when was the last time you opened WhatsApp.

Your contacts can also see if you read the message you have gotten. Because when you message someone through WhatsApp, there is a feature to let you know the status of your message.

There are checkmarks that appear next to the message:

  • One grey checkmark: Your message has been successfully sent from your device.
  • Two grey checkmarks: Your message has been delivered, but not read.
  • Two blue checkmarks: Your message has been opened or read.


We all have someone in our contacts who is sending messages always when he/she is seeing we are online. If you want to avoid these messages from your friend, but at the same time want to use WhatsApp and chat with others, then you should turn off the last seen status.



How To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

Hiding your last seen is really simple and it works for both Android and iOS.

Guide For Android

Step 1
Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.

Step 2
Tap on Account and select Privacy.

 How To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

Step 3
Find the Last seen option, click on it, and select Nobody.

WhatsApp Last Seen

Guide For iOS device

Step 1
Open WhatsApp and go to the Settings.

Step 2
Select Account and then click on Privacy.

Step 3
Find the Last seen option, click on it, and select Nobody.


Important: Choosing the Nobody option means, none will see when you are online. You can also select who can see, and who cant. Simple instead of Nobody, select a contact which won’t see your last seen status.


There are also other ways to keep unwanted messages or voice calls under control. WhatsApp gives you two simple options: mute and block.

Each is used to restrict messages but in slightly different ways. You can read more in the detailed guide here: WhatsApp mute vs block: What is the difference?


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