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Does the world need another rethinking of the turntable? Minimalistic, elegant, functional turntable which works either horizontally or vertically. Sounds interesting?

Meet Wheel by Miniot

A wheel that plays records! Everything is built into the platter, including linear tonearm, amplifiers, and the belt drive.

The Wheel is controlled by the stick in the middle. You just turn it to start the record playing, then you turn it again if you want to adjust the volume. This turntable may look sleek and minimal, but the unique setup of the Wheel allows it to play records when placed horizontally on a flat surface or mounted to the wall in the vertical position while keeping its delicate components dust-free. The most compact true turntable you’ve ever heard.

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In essence, Wheel is a high-quality record player turned upside down. The heavy aluminum platter is driven by an electronically stabilized belt drive at a dead-on 33,3 or 45 rpm. The outer ring of the platter supports and secures the record while eliminating resonance. A vibration isolated block inside of the cavity of the platter contains the linear tonearm, belt drive, amplifiers and electronics. Newly developed bearing systems for both the platter and the tonearm guarantee an imperceptible noise level and a clean and crisp output.

Designer: Miniot

All images via Miniot/Kickstarter