Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse: Which Should You Buy?

If you take your gaming seriously then you know just how important your gear is during a highly competitive match. If your controls aren’t perfectly optimized, you are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage.

When playing on PC, one of the most vital pieces of gear is the mouse being used to aim.

Many players often ask about wired vs wireless mouse for gaming.

Regular Mouse vs Gaming Mouse

For starters, let’s look at a gaming mouse vs regular mouse. Regular mice have just two buttons and a scroll wheel. This is perfectly fine for most users who simply want to browse the web and write word documents. However, games often require twitch reactions and benefit from each button being as close as possible to reduce the amount of time between inputs.

This where a gaming mouse comes into play.

Gaming mice have tons of different buttons that are all accessible from one hand. This allows the player to perform actions as quickly as possible. Some gaming mice are designed specifically for a particular game and others have universal buttons that can be programmed to suit each game.

It is best to determine which games you will be playing most and see what mice the e-sports community is using for them. This will make it easy to determine which mouse to get.

The bottom line is that a gaming mouse is way better for a regular mouse when it comes to high stakes play.

For a detailed comparison between gaming and normal mouse, read our article here.


Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse


wired vs wireless mouse for gaming


Wired Gaming Mice

Now we get into the meat of the issue. Gaming mice can be both wired and wireless.

Let’s learn a bit more about each before we make a decision.

A wire gaming mouse must remain plugged into the PC at all times. The most common type of cord for these mice is a USB cable.

This universal cord allows you to lug your favorite mouse in on any computer and keep playing with eases. Of course, it does mean that you are tethered to the machine that you are playing on.

There are quite a few advantages to a wired setup that should not be overlooked.

For starters, there is absolutely no lag or latency between button presses and on-screen actions. This is vital in fast-paced shooters where every frame of animation counts. Being wired might just give you the millisecond advantage necessary to beat your opponent who is using a wireless mouse.

Your wired mouse will also never run out of battery. The USB connection will carry power through the cable so there is no external power source to speak of.

If you ever had your controller or mouse die in the middle of an online game, you know just how frustrating it can be when you are defenseless against the rival team.

While you may not think a wired mouse is that convenient, you won’t want to go far from your monitor anyway. The closer you are to the screen the easier it will be to see the game.


Wireless Gaming Mice

A wireless gaming mouse is fun to use since you aren’t tethered to your computer at all times. You also won’t have to worry about aiming issues if a wire gets snagged on something in the environment.

The wireless mouse will always aim exactly where you point it. However, there are two disadvantages that are worth taking note of.

The first one is the battery life. Gaming mice tend to eat up battery way faster than a regular wireless mouse since there are more buttons being clicked in rapid succession. Plus, many gaming mice often have features that light up sound effects or even cooling vents for your hands.

While these things are awesome, they drain the battery very fast. If your mouse dies in the middle of an important match, you are guaranteed to lose that round.

Also, the wireless connection can be interrupted without notice. Most wireless mice are Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth is notorious for getting blocked by strong Wifi signals. Considering your computer will have a lot of wifi activity during an online session, the chance of having your connection fade exponentially increases.

Even if your signal doesn’t cut out completely, lag and latency can spike during these interruptions. Delayed input is the last thing you need in a crucial match.


Which Mouse Is The Best For Gaming?

Now that we know a bit about each type of mouse, let’s dive right into the final breakdown. When it comes to a wired vs wireless mouse for gaming, a wired mouse is ultimately the best bet.

You won’t have to worry about things such as battery life or a weak Bluetooth connection when you are wired. Plus, wired mice are often much cheaper than Bluetooth ones.

While wireless mice are cool, they will leave you at a disadvantage when facing off against other players who are wired.

Gaming is all about having a fun experience and doing your best to win. Once you are in the middle of a game you won’t even notice that your mouse is wired. This is why it is always recommended to play with a wired mouse whenever you want to take your gaming to the next level.




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