YouTube: How To Turn Off Autoplay On PC And On The App

YouTube’s autoplay feature.

Useful or annoying?

Some users like it, others don’t.

By default, when you watch a video, YouTube will automatically start playing a new video after you finish watching the current one.

The autoplay feature is here to help you discover more videos that might interest you.


Your viewing history, that is how YouTube is deciding what you like or not.

If you aren’t a fan of videos playing without your permission. here’s how you can turn Youtube autoplay off on your PC and YouTube app.


How to Turn Off YouTube Autoplay on PC

STEP 1: Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or any other) and go to

STEP 2: Sign in to your account. You have to be signed in to your Google account to stop autoplay videos.

STEP 3: Start watching any video. Don’t watch the whole video, just pause it at any moment.

STEP 4: Now you have two options to turn off autoplay.

A) Find the Autoplay button in the top right corner (above the list of suggested videos) and turn it off. Blue color means on, gray is off.

B) Click on the Gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video player. Find the Autoplay setting and switch it off. Red color stands for on, grey is off.

STEP 5: Test it. If you have successfully turned off the YouTube autoplay feature, the video you are watching will end normally. No video should start automatically after the one is finished.


How To Turn Off YouTube Autoplay on YouTube App

There is absolutely no difference if you are using the YouTube app for Android or for iOS. The following instructions can be applied to both systems.

STEP 1: Open the YouTube app on your smartphone.

STEP 2: Tap the Profile icon in the top right corner and sign in to your Google account.

STEP 3: Start watching any video, but don’t use a full-screen mode. Don’t watch the whole video, just pause it at any moment.

STEP 4: Find the Autoplay button. It is located under the video player and above the list of suggested videos.

STEP 5: Turn it off. Blue color means on, white color is off.

STEP 6: Test it. Watch the video until the end or drag the red dot on the video player to fast forward to the last seconds of the video. If the autoplay feature is off, the video should end normally and no other video will start automatically.


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