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Looking for new light into your house. Try this smart night light. Actually, Zing is not a just ordinary night light. It is a full-color, plug-in light with light effects such as automatic blue light reduction that will improve your sleep experience.

Of course, the Zing offers much more. Use multiple lights together as a system, and they will automatically illuminate your path without the need for manual configuration. It learns your path by observing your movement patterns over the course of 7-10 days.ZING - Full-color smart night light with smartphone control

The smart light can even notify you of unusual and suspicious motion activities through push notifications on your phone.

When the motion is detected, Zing gently powers up to 40% intensity (you can customize the intensity) via its bottom LEDs to help you navigate without blinding you. It will gradually return to standby levels after motion ceases.

With Zing Locator service, Zing can track & locate most other Bluetooth devices in your home with room-level accuracy.

With the use of Zing app, you can fully customize the light features and assign own colors and effects to each trigger or event.

ZING - Full-color smart night light with smartphone control

Zing smart night light is built with open technologies and can interface with many home automation platforms. Set up the smart light to work together with other smart home devices. Get the visual notification when someone rings the Ring doorbell. Receive flash alerts when Nest Protect detects a CO2 or smoke emergency.

Packed with various connectivity options (WiFi and Bluetooth), Zing light act also as a visual indicator for incoming calls, text messages and other smartphone events.


It looks like an interesting project which is recently running a Kickstarter campaign. Already reaching the funding goal, the Zing smart night light has established the delivery date on December 2017 and the price is set at $36 for one light.

Designer: Team Zing

All images and video via Kickstarter/ Team Zing