Portable Travel Lock Box Safe with Key


SAFEGO – A portable travel lock box safe with key and combination access.

This device makes the trip to the water park enjoyable for all. Personal items can be locked up so that no-one is left behind to guard things.  You can use it to store your cell phone, wallet, keys, small camera, sunglasses, money, jewelry, and much more.

You will love that it has both a combo lock and key to access. This wonderful item comes in a variety of colors: black, dark blue, bright pink, and white.

Get a peace of mind and enjoy the pool at a resort at the same time. 

SAFEGO is a durable and portable safe that’s perfect for keeping valuables locked away no matter where you go. It’s big enough to fit a couple of phones, wallets, and some sunglasses, and you can use either the combination lock or a key to open it.

When you are at the beach, the park, the gym or hanging by the pool you might not have a safe space to store your wallet or your phone. Safego is a portable device that holds your valuables almost anywhere.

safego portable safe


SAFEGO is made from heavy-duty yet still lightweight plastic that is water and sand resistant too. 

The steel cable is made from material similar to a bike lock, secures onto your beach chair, golf car, umbrella bench, lockers at the gym, anything that doesn´t move or that someone would be unlikely to run off with.

The inside holds any smaller valuables, your phone, keys, wallet, passport, jewelry or even a small camera.

SAFEGO portable travel lock box safe is tool ideal to take with you on the beach. Thanks to its durable plastic construction, it will store your phone or tablet safely inside and protect them from the sun, water and of course, the sand too.

safego portable safe


  • Custom 3-digit code combination lock access
  • Key lock access
  • Lightweight 
  • Made of high impact ABS plastic
  • Water-resistant
  • Sand-resistant
  • Salt-resistant

SAFEGO – Portable Travel Lock Box

SAFEGO is a lightweight, portable safe. An incredibly useful gadget if you’re planning on spending time at the beach, at a pool, or want to keep your valuables safe in your hotel, without using the hotel safe.

Designer: SAFEGO

All images via SAFEGO/Amazon


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