What Is The Best FPS For Gaming?

SIMPLE ANSWER: In general, 60 FPS will be the frame rate that is right and best suited for most gamers. This is an entirely achievable frame rate without needing to spend a lot of money or get a high tech 120 or 240Hz monitor. 60 FPS will mean that there is no stuttering and the gameplay will be smooth and cinematic, and you will have a fantastic gaming experience.


When gaming, we always want the best experience possible.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the game mechanics, the story, the competitive edge, or the visuals, all that matters is it is the best we can get.

When it comes to the visuals and the look of the game, and also the playability and smoothness of it, one of the most important factors is Frames Per Second or FPS.

But what exactly is a good FPS in gaming?

This is a topic that has created a lot of talk in recent years, and there has been plenty of confusion and controversy around FPS. There are people who have said that the human eye is only capable of seeing 12 frames per second, and there are those that say if the FPS is below 100 it’s not even worth playing. But which, if either, is right?


What Does FPS Mean?

Frames per second are at its most basic the number of images that will be rendered and shown to you on your computer screen every second. This means that if you are playing a game at 30 FPS, your computer will be showing you 30 different images every single second. If the FPS is 60, then you will be seeing twice as many images every second. But while all of these numbers and statistics might be fun, what does any of it really mean?

To put it simply, the higher the frames per second, the clearer and smoother the game will look and feel. At the extreme end of a low FPS, such as when it is in the teens, then when you play the game it will stutter and jerk, whereas having a good FPS will run smoothly and you won’t have to worry about how long it will take to turn or react. Having the highest FPS for gaming will give you a better gaming experience and also give you a competitive edge. 


Frame Rate Brackets

While the frame rate is important, the difference of individual frames per second will be so small that you won’t be able to notice it.

For that reason, rather than talking about specific frame rate numbers, FPS is measured in specific brackets with rounded numbers. The main FPS brackets you’ll see are 30 FPS, 60 FPS, 120 FPS, and 240 FPS since these are the ranges that you will be able to distinguish easily.

We can use these brackets to decide what is a good FPS for gaming.

30 FPS – This FPS is generally considered to be the lowest FPS that is still playable. Any lower than this and the game will start to stutter and won’t be as playable anymore, which is why if it is lower than this that wouldn’t be acceptable for gaming. This bracket is also the standard FPS for console gaming.

60 FPS – This will be the bracket that most PC gamers will aim to get into. It is entirely achievable with most good gaming PCs and is high enough quality that you won’t feel you need to improve it anymore. In this bracket, you will never have any issue with stuttering or gameplay that doesn’t feel natural. Console gaming will rarely if ever fall into this bracket, though it would be considered good but average for PC gaming. There are some who feel that higher FPS is needed for the full PC gaming experience, but the vast majority of players will be very happy with this level.

120 FPS – This high-level frame rate will require an impressive PC to reach, and the majority of gamers won’t play with it. The difference between this and 60 FPS is clearer visuals and smoother gameplay to make a game seem more realistic and natural. You will be able to play entirely well at 60 FPS, but 120FPS will improve your gaming experience and enjoyability, even if it is not required for optimal playability.

However, only some monitors will be able to manage 120 FPS. When getting a monitor you need to be aware of the Hertz, as this will determine the maximum possible frame rate you will be able to get. So regardless of how powerful your PC is, if you have a 60Hz monitor then you will only be able to achieve 60FPS. If you want the improved experience of playing at 120 FPS, make sure you have at least a 120 Hz monitor to start with.

240 FPS – This is the highest FPS for gaming you can get and is considered the pinnacle of PC gaming. That being said, the level is so high at that point that it is likely the vast majority of gamers will not feel it adds much to the gaming experience. You will notice a much bigger difference moving from 30 FPS to 60 FPS or 60FPS to 120 FPS than you will notice improving your frame rate from 120 FPS to 240 FPS.



Generally, a frame rate this high will only be worth it for competitive gamers who want every possible edge over their opponents and want the smoothest and most clear visuals to help them play better. You would need an expensive 240Hz monitor, not to mention a very impressive PC, in order to play at 240 FPS. This is a luxury frame rate that no one needs and most people won’t notice a significant difference with, but if you are looking for the highest FPS in gaming then this is it.



It is hard to definitively say what the best FPS is since it depends on what anyone gamer wants to get out of a game and that will decide what is good FPS for them.

In general, though, 60 FPS will be the frame rate that is right and best suited for most gamers. This is an entirely achievable frame rate without needing to spend a lot of money or get a high-tech 120 or 240 Hz monitor. 60 FPS will mean that there is no stuttering and the gameplay will be smooth and cinematic, and you will have a fantastic gaming experience. 30 FPS can make the gaming experience less realistic and enjoyable, and frame rates above 60 will give you minimal returns for the amount of money you will have to spend. For this reason, if you are a normal gamer looking for a full and enjoyable, and immersive gaming experience, 60 FPS will be the best frame rate for you.



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