How To Disable Automatic Updates For Windows 10

How To Disable Automatic Updates For Windows 10

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  • It is not recommended to disable automatic updates for Windows 10.
  • But sometimes is better to defer feature updates.


Windows Update is used to keep Windows 10 and several other Microsoft programs updated.

By default, Windows 10 is set to automatically update, whenever new updates are available.

However, not everyone likes this default setting, so in this article, well show you how to disable automatic updates for Windows 10. 

Please Note: Since Microsoft is using the update service to patch critical errors and security updates, it is not recommended to disable the Windows Update service.

But it is always better to defer feature updates, and here are all the steps you need to do.

Disable Automatic Updates For Windows 10


Step 1: Click the Start menu and open the Settings App.

Step 2: Find the Update and Security option, and click on it. 

Step 3: Under the Windows Update section, click on Advanced Options.

Step 4: Under the Pause updates sections, use the Pause until drop-down menu, and select the date to when to resume automatic updates on Windows 10.

Important: All updates will be disabled until the day you specified. However, when your computer reaches the pause limit, you have to install the latest updates to make the option available one more time.


Why It Is Necessary to Update Windows 10

Do you need to install every Windows update? There is a simple answer – YES, you should install all updates that are available.

If you are asking why let’s talk about the importance of regular updating of your operating system. Despite the fact that most updates are not necessary for Windows to function, but they are very important to prevent hackers from exploiting bugs in Windows 10.

It is always a clever move to check for updates manually in the dedicated Windows Update panel, and if you want to save time, you can create a shortcut to Windows Update. No worries, it is quite an easy process. You can also disable Windows 10 automatic restart after update by setting up active hours on your computer. 

However, Windows 10 is designed to check for updates automatically every single day. Typically, Windows won’t find new ones.

On most computers, updates are installed automatically, mostly on Patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of every month). This day, Microsoft rolls out updates that are designed to patch recent security holes in the system.



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